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Jan 23, 2010 9:30am EST
philanthropy" and she's joining us now from washington. stacey, i want to start right there, how do we know if those organizations are legitimate? >> unfortunately, that is a really important question to ask because, sadly, at these times, scam s do pop up. so you want to make sure that the organization already has people on the ground in haiti. many, many groups have been working there for years and already have a history. so one way to tell that they're not some fly by night thing is to be able to figure out that they've got a history. ask them what their track record is, what they've been doing and how they can prove it. >> you want to see a track record, history on the ground in haiti. you know, as this whole story has unfolded we've noticed so many of these organizations are talked about on the web. and particularly, on social networking sites. should i trust these organizations that are talked about on facebook, on twitter? >> some of the best information is actually coming on twitter and facebook because word of mouth in some ways, if you were talking to experts, that's actua
Jan 30, 2010 9:30am EST
washington. i want you to grade the president, first of all, on his performance this week. did he hit it out of the park? >> you know, he really did not hit it out of the park. i haesitate to give him the letter grade on this. it was flat in parts and he lost the attention of some of the folks in the room. if you lost their attention he probably lost the attention of viewers on television as well. that's the audience he really needed to reach to convince americans that barack obama is the guy who can really bring this economy back to some kind of growth here in 2010. it's just a very brutal economic situation. and the president had very little luck last year getting any of his major initiatives through congress. >> and he gave us a lot this week. a lot of new ones, in fact. and i want to start with the small business initiatives, because let me tell you, if it goes through it will be a great year to start a new business. first of all, he wants to give $30 billion in tax credits to small business financed by big banks. also, payroll tax holidays for small businesses that hire. now, what do yo
Jan 9, 2010 9:30am EST
for the "washington post" and the author of "the power to prosper, 21 days to financial freedom." welcome, michelle. >> thank you. >> great to have you here. now, you say we're all addicted to debt. we have a bad relationship with debt. tell me about that. >> well, you know, for years americans have lived the american dream on credit. whatever we wanted, we bout. we just put it on our credit card. and then when the recession hit, people realized that they couldn't afford this massive amounts of debt. it's like we're in a bad relationship. we couldn't get out of. and so now, you know, that relationship is coming forefront and people really are starting to realize how much they were addicted to credit. >> yeah. and everybody encouraged you to do it, from the credit card operators to the people who wrote your mortgage. in a lot of ways the whole society made this happen. you have a solution, though, a 21-day debt diet that you're encouraging people to go on. what does it mean? >> well, the 21-day challenge is a 21-day financial fast. essentially for 21 days, you can't buy anything
Jan 16, 2010 9:30am EST
washington. we've seen presidents come together in the past to raise money and i imagine this is very much along those same lines. >> reporter: we've heard president obama really emphasize the important jan of the first 72 hours, the emergency aid getting to that country to haiti. but now he's going to turn the corner, he'll talk about long term aid and what people can do, how they can contribute personally as well as corporations to reach out and make sure that the well being of the haitians is really taken care in a long term kind of way. he has invited former presidents bill clinton as well as george w. bush to come here, meet in the oval office about 10:30 this morning to talk about this idea and to put out this plan. and this is not a new plan per se. there's already been something that is in the works, a model, if you will, of president obama taking a page from president bush. it was back when the tsunami hit indonesia as well as hurricane katrina hitting new orleans, it was president bush that got together former presidents bill clinton and his father george h.w. bush to s
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4